Using Polynomial Regression with Scikit-learn in Python

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About 40 days ago, on September 23rd to be exact, I was tasked by my linear algebra professor with constructing a model to predict deaths from COVID-19 in our university’s home state of North Carolina — from that point up to the day of the election, November 3rd. The model…

You’re a subject of late-stage capitalism

“Nihilism is a natural consequence of a culture (or civilization) ruled and regulated by categories that mask manipulation, mastery and domination of peoples and nature.”

Cornel West

Nihilism as a philosophy can be defined by its rejection of human value-systems alongside the rejection that meaning is intrinsic to life…

A deeper look at the house of cards our modern economy rests on

If you’ve been paying attention you’ve likely noticed the markets tumbling down for the past few days now as apprehension solidifies regarding the coronavirus’ (Covid-19) potential mutation into a global pandemic. This week the S&P 500 experienced its worst 2-day plunge since 2018. Several Asian economies are currently on the…

One of the most powerful speeches in American history

Debs addressing a Chicago crowd in 1912

It cannot be overstated the contributions Eugene Victor Debs made to the American socialist cause and to the broader mission of spreading class consciousness nor the lessons he left us to learn. Commensurate with this, unsurprisingly, is the complete absence of Debs’ story from the American curricula. It’s a shame…

Take to the streets if you can! And yes, the irony of this posting is not lost on me.

My sign making skills are unremarkable.


My intention in writing this is not to shame anyone, police anybody’s actions, or diminish any valid forms of online resistance — they all have their place of course. On the contrary, I’m arguing against any kind of “woke-policing”, which can only ever fully cease by disconnecting from the Internet…

How the sugar lobby made America obese

An Addendum to Michael Pollan’s “Nutritionsim Defined” Essay

In “Nutritionism Defined” by Michael Pollan, Pollan produces the argument that “nutritionism” and nutritional science are two separate entities. Nutritionism, according to Pollan is an ideology that emphasizes “quantifying the nutrients contained in foods” (492) — that is to say, exercising scientific reductionism that “encourages us to take a simple…

Whether wittingly or not Dr. King’s legacy is consistently whitewashed. Something I found particularly amusing today was the FBI tweeting a quote of Dr. King and remarking how it is etched in stone at Quantico. …

Ali Alsous

Economics student committed to leveraging the power of data science from a left/humanist international perspective; for the good of all and not the few.

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