The difference between a public school teacher, a nurse, and a cop is one carries a gun because he has a state-sanctioned monopoly on violence and the others do not. Internalized racism exists in all levels and sectors of society--that doesn't mean we throw the whole kit and caboodle out. There’s nothing inherent to "law and order" that requires cops to be armed to the teeth or protected by qualified immunity. Besides, what’s racist about rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, for example? Why focus solely on the individual? There are plenty of sectors other than education where refunding could and should take place. I've also yet to hear from someone on the right call for defunding the police, but I'm sure some minority of libertarians out there believe in that, and hey, at least they're consistent in that regard.

I'm assuming that by "journalists" you mean griftin' Andy Ngo. That's stretching the title of journalist a bit too far in my eyes. After a quick google search I couldn't find any other examples of Antifa members "attacking journalists". But again, maybe I'm not looking in the right places.

Per the EPI: “we use measures of compensation, including all employer-provided benefits along with wages, in our measurement of “pay.” We do this by taking measures of wages and inflating them by the ratio of compensation to wages that holds economy-wide to convert them to a measure of compensation.”

Even then I fail to see how an increase in compensation towards benefits could have closed the gap the way you seem to think. Benefits as a percentage of compensation have only risen 1.4% from 1979 to 2014. The clear downtrend in the FRED data you posted seems to bear that out to some degree.

Lastly, I never stated that communism “solved” anything. Rather, that once the issue of scarcity had been rendered obsolete and similarly coercive labor exploitation, we would transition to a moneyless, classless, and thus largely stateless communist (in the orthodox marxist sense) society. The point I was making in the post was that we are clearly not at that stage and thus must continue working to progress towards it materially.

Respectfully, I’m going to disengage from this discussion now but I thank you for having it. Cheers.

Also not sure how to hyperlink in this response format so here's the source for my EPI excerpt:

Economics student committed to leveraging the power of data science from a left/humanist international perspective; for the good of all and not the few.

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