This is a pretty naked attempt at gish gallop.

It's implied that I'm referring to the defunding of actually important sectors such as public health (you know since we're in a pandemic and all), and education. Police budgets by contrast have only gone up for decades. But fair enough, I'll be more explicit next time so as to make my cryptic ideology more cohesive for you.

Also, yes I'm sure you could find me a bunch of clips of self-described Antifa members throwing milkshakes at neo-nazis. I really couldn't care less mate. Nobody said being anti-fascist entailed being pacifist.

The study you linked stops its survey at 2006. I wonder what huge economic event(s) could have occured between now and then?

Finally, if you truly think "workers have won" then I don't know what to tell you. You clearly must be insulated from the economic base and anything I tell you will sound too fantastical for you to believe.

Economics student committed to leveraging the power of data science from a left/humanist international perspective; for the good of all and not the few.

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